Peter’s Tips and Tricks

Although the weather is warm and we are mid summer, it is time to start thinking about your heating system.  To run an efficient and economical heating plant, maintaining your system is a must.  Some things that must be done before start up are as follows.


– Flushing the boiler to remove scale and mud improves the heat transfer and prevents over heating of the tubes, water legs, cast iron sections etc.

– Dismantle and flush out all float level controls and remove all plugs from the crosses and tees of the controls piping and check for obstructions.  These are your safety controls and any malfunction could have serious results.

– Gauge glass and fittings should be removed and cleaned.

Feed Water and Condensate Pumps

– Holding tanks should be drained and flushed to remove any rust and scale.

– Gauge glass to be removed and cleaned.

– Check operation of all float controls and switches.

– Manually check operation of pumps.  When pumps sit idle for some time it can seize and will have to be rotated manually.

– Open and clean strainers.

– Visually inspect all exposed piping for signs or rusts and leaks. Very often leaks in vacuum system piping are not evident when the system is operating but will show when the system is at rest.

– With underground piping there is a very big possibility of leaks.  This is usually indicated by a loss of vacuum and excessive boiler make up.

Good Luck on your steam systems and I’ll be back soon!

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