Direct Fired Air Handler

Not all roof top heaters or roof top units are built alike. Tough and tougher is one way to describe the WEATHER-RITE™ TT series direct-fired make-up air handling system. With a welded steel casing and other quality components, this durable direct-fired make-up air handler (available from to 3, 000 -85, 000 CFM) may be just what you want for your building.

The energy efficient direct-fired heater, provided by Weather-Rite LLC, is built to do much more than heat your building. If you want evaporative or mechanical (DX) cooling, The WEATHER-RITE™ TT series can be designed to incorporate one of the above cooling systems or fan only option to assist in trying to make a manufacturing facility or warehouse a little more comfortable during those hotter days. The TT series direct-fired air make-up units can also assist in providing pressurization to help improve the performance of ventilation – exhaust system.

The WEATHER- RITE™ TT series can also be used as a cure heater for the commercial vehicle finishing industry. Click here for more information on how the gas fired WEATHER-RITE™ TT series can be used as cure heating in an automotive finishing, truck finishing, other large vehicle finishing spray booths.