Small Air Turnover Heating/Cooling Units

small_air_turnover_heaterUtilizing an 85% efficient burner, this industry-leading indirect-fired air turnover unit can be ideal for smaller commercial, institutional and industrial spaces. Suitable building sizes are between 10, 000 and 20, 000 square feet and ceiling heights under 13′ (3.96 m). Small air turnover units help maintain uniform vertical and horizontal building temperatures and minimize heat stratification.

Standard features of this small air turnover unit include: touchsafe electrical panel, factory-mounted rotary disconnect, high temperature limit switch and power cut-off switches at the inlet plenum. In addition, the SAT-Series has a modular design which allows for easy field modification of non-cool units to cool units. These units are available in 4 styles: heat-only, cool-only, heat-cool and air-only.