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Peter’s Tips and Tricks – September 2013

September is start up month!  All maintenance should be done by now, and your system test fired – so you are ready to go when the weather gets cold. As the weather changes frequently so does the requirements for heat.  It may be cold overnight, requiring the system to be on in the morning, and warmer in the afternoon so no heat would be required.  Under these conditions it is tempting to switch the burner on and off manually. This is not a good practise and can create all kinds of problems.  For example on a steam vacuum system, shutting off the burner allows the boiler water to cool down and take up less volume in the boiler vessel.  As the volume has been reduced a vacuum is created in the boiler causing the water in the condensate tank to be drawn into the boiler through...

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Experiencing Hot and Cold Spots in your Steam supplied building?

There can be a variety reasons this may be happening.  One of the most common issues within a steam system is faulty steam traps. Instead of the trap remaining closed while steam is present, they remain open and as a result good steam is lost! Faulty steam traps result in: – Wasted Energy – Increased Maintenance costs – Uneven Heating – Safety Issues Our cage unit replaces the old interior elements and seat with a 100% factory calibrated, pre-assembled thermostatic unit for most major steam trap manufactures.  So don’t let good steam go to waste and get those faulty traps repaired today!...

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Peter’s Tips and Tricks

Although the weather is warm and we are mid summer, it is time to start thinking about your heating system.  To run an efficient and economical heating plant, maintaining your system is a must.  Some things that must be done before start up are as follows. Boilers – Flushing the boiler to remove scale and mud improves the heat transfer and prevents over heating of the tubes, water legs, cast iron sections etc. – Dismantle and flush out all float level controls and remove all plugs from the crosses and tees of the controls piping and check for obstructions.  These are your safety controls and any malfunction could have serious results. – Gauge glass and fittings should be removed and cleaned. Feed Water and Condensate Pumps – Holding tanks should be drained and flushed to remove any rust and scale. – Gauge glass to be...

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